Thursday, November 12, 2009


Intoxicated with thoughts of the past
Tattoos over the scars
But even the ink doesn't cover them
Perfectly flawed
Beautifully broken
Happily hopeless
Paints the me
The me I am
Without letting you go...

A weight I no longer carry
A definition I no longer own
A person I no longer am
Because I've let you go...

I'm a warrior
Fighting fearlessly.
I'm a survivor
Always getting back up after defeat
I'm a butterfly
Finally flying free...

And if the new me
Ever reunited with the old he
I'd probably speak...
"I forgive you, like I've forgiven me."

Common Sense

Its a whisper.
Do you hear it?
My secret.

Its a sunset.
Do you see it?
My beauty.

Its a stampede.
Do you feel it?
My heart racing.

Its honeysuckle.
Do you smell it?
My scent.

Its love.
Do you taste it?
My kiss.

Don't say it.

Close your eyes.
Be blinded.

Stop, don't touch it.
Stay numb.

Don't breathe it in.

Sorry, I can't feed it to you,
My love.

Because I'm scared,
And you don't even know I exist...

God, can you please take away all my sense?