Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Self Examination... Gets Me Every Time

I'm better THAN that
I deserve MORE than this
I AM worthy of love...

Let me speak to you
And though my words may cut
And they may bruise
They will indeed heal you

What you want and what you need
Are always two different things
The heart and the mind always fight
And they fight to win

But in order to change what you need
Into what you want
You must believe in your worth

So say it with me my child,
And say it loud and clear

I'm better THAN that
I deserve MORE than this
I AM worthy of love...

Which means I need more than you...

Time to let it go, Ty.



Funny how life works. How the unknown reveals itself. How that which has been known all along suddenly ephifanizes... if that's a word... The cycle won't break unless I break the cycle. Find the root of the problem and correct it. I give to much of myself to easily.. and no, not in the unchaste type of way. But in every relationship I have with most, they don't have to earn it. They don't have to fight for it. I just give it. Because of that fear. That underlying fear of being alone. But you're not alone, are you Ty? Nope. You have the relationship with your Heavenly Father, you have your precious joy, Makaai...you have more than most. So stop being afraid. Okay. Done. HA! Yeah right. Wish it was that easy. But like most things, I'm working on it. What is mankind right now anyway but a work in progress? So my theme for 2010: NO FEAR. TAKE THE RISK. ENJOY THE RIDE. LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Let's see how it goes...

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