Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sooo... Writers are supposed to write and I haven't been writing. This doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about writing though. I want to write something centered around the theme of sacrifice. Its the greatest act of love. When you willingly give. Without hesitation. Like Jesus. Like mothers for their children. Automatic. Unconditional. But then the line gets fuzzy when its loving someone else. Those who aren't bond to you by blood. My vision gets blurry. I want to love. I want to give so much of myself. But here is where the problem arises. How do I give of myself without losing myself?

Then there is the sacrifice I've subconsciously decided to do before. Where I stand back and watch the one I love not love me back. Play my part as "friend" because he'll never see me beyond that role. All because if it means his happiness, I'll sacrifice mine... because I love him.

"...I'm unworthy, i can see you're above me. But I can be lovely, given the chance...Seems I want what I know is going to leave me hungry...If I can't hold you can I give you a kiss " - Kelly Clarkson

Fool me once,
Shame on you
Fool me twice
Shame on me…

Is it stupid to have faith in someone?
Is it crazy to trust them with your heart?
Should have known you were bad from the start.
“Be wise, my son”
Counsel I should have heeded
But because I was too proud
My soul is left bleeding
“Do not be misled”
And boy was I deceived
But it’s my fault for heading towards
Your web of deceit
Curiosity killed the cat…
It assassinated me
You called and I came running
You asked and I answered
Now where are you?
You’ve left me a mess
I can’t seem to clean on my own
The red wine colored tears
That have stained my cheeks
Can’t be removed
With the strongest bleach
I should have known better
I guess I did
Had a conscience that was Bible-trained
And just didn’t listen to it
I am better off without you
But it kills me
That you couldn’t love me as much as I loved you
But how could you?
You didn’t even love yourself enough
To stay within God’s fold
You left Him
And I followed you
But then just as easily, you left me
So I turned around
And went back to the One
Who I know will forever with me be

Fool me once,
Shame on you
Fool me twice,
Shame on me,
But no more foolish shall I be…

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