Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Girl In The Moon

Yesterday tore me apart
And I didn't even know it
Today you broke my heart
And my eyes cried to show it
Tomorrow I don't look forward to you
Because the truth I'll have to face it
Sleeping without you in my arms
Is like sleeping with the knife you left in my back
Holding on to the lies you told me
Keep me from staying on track
To recovery, to sanity
To gaining all that I have lacked
With you
How do you sleep at night?
When its murder you've committed
How do you kiss her with those lips?
When with them your sins you have admitted
How do you love with hate in your heart?
Your heart cold, dead, tormented
I blink and yesterday is gone
I exhale and then its today
I pray and tomorrow is on its way
The girl in the moon
I stay blue
Over you
Smile with the tears on my face
Alone with the stars
Sad with the milky way
While you laugh
Grounded on earth
Happy, or so they say
Wish upon a star
And may your wish come true
May I be granted some release
From my prison soon,
Me the girl who cries,
Me the girl who ate your lies,
Me the girl alone,
Me the girl in the moon.

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